Akıllı Bulucu Etiket Kablosuz Bluetooth Tracker

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  • Temel Bilgiler: Bluetooth Sürümü: 4.0
    Çalıştırma RH: iSO7.0 / Android 4.3 veya üzeri
  • Boyut ve Ağırlık: Ürün ağırlığı: 0.0120 kg
    Paket ağırlığı: 0,0250 kg
    Ürün boyutu: 5.20 x 3.10 x 1.10 cm / 2.05 x 1,22 x 0,43 inç
    Paket Boyutu: 10.80 x 9.00 x 1.50 cm / 4,25 x 3,54 x 0,59 inç
  • Paket İçeriği: Paket içeriği: 1 x Akıllı Bulucu, 1 x İngilizce Kullanım Kılavuzu
  • Renk: Beyaz

Ana Özellikler
• Cep telefonu Bluetooth bağlantısı ile iki yönlü arama fonksiyonunu destekleyin
• Cihazın Bluetooth kapsama alanı dışındayken cep telefonu ve anti-kayıp cihaz aynı anda alarm verir, durumu görebildiğinizden emin olun.
• Kaybolan cihaz bağlantısı kesildiğinde, telefondaki nesneyi bulabilirsiniz.
• Yeni Bluetooth 4.0 teknolojisi ile düşük güç tüketimi, düğme pil CR2032 (dahil) ile çalışır, değiştirilmesi uygun
• İzleyici, APP "isearching" aracılığıyla telefonunuzla bağlantıda tutar, Apple Store / Google Play'den indirebilirsiniz.
• Uzaktan zamanlayıcı, resimleri çekmek için telefonu (15 metreye kadar) kolay kontrol
• Geniş uygulama, iPhone 4s / 5 / 5s / 5c / 6/6 Plus veya Android telefonlar ile uyumlu



Derecelendirme: 4.8 out of 5 (5 votes)


I love the idea behind this thing - and I dont realy begrudge the monthly fee - nor the fact that I * should * Never actually find out if it works or not because I * should * never lose control of my dog ... but accidents do happen - and I feel like, and having some test engineering background - I could see that the rubber attachment would not have an extended life - so I have never left my GPS unit on my dog although I DO leave the collar attachment on the collar

Alyssa A. Ryan

I was unsure if I would want or need the GPS but we recently moved to a new neighborhood and felt better knowing that if Archie got out of the new house I would be able to find him - especially since we live near a large park, the sensitivity of the GPS is great - I am notified within less than a minute of Archie leaving the house and I like being able to track him in real time, overall I'm pleased with the product and service and will continue to be a Whistle customer for several more years


Running far away and not able to find their way back home, and how the cost of the units and monthly service has come down over the last few years, I get a cell phone notification within minutes that they have left the safe area, because a longer-lasting battery would likely be larger, he's pulled the unit off of old dog and destroyed the wonderfully-chewy rubber clasp backing, how's that for good customer service, I think this is a GREAT affordable device

clint yankey

This tracker is great product I took my dog Sterling next door to my brothers house, the information that the product presents is a little misleading as is actually DOES update every two minutes or so and is pretty accurate, hope this review helps for people not sure about it spending the money, called whistle and the very friendly customer service ladies helped sort it out, all around great product

Brittany childs

I think this is a wonderful product and have not had any issues at all, I was concerned about battery and having to charge or having it go dead when needed, what I did not realize was this app alerts you to low battery and gives you plenty of warning to recharge, I was worried about the collar attachment breaking per other reviews but I handle with care and it has stood up to an active dog running through bushes on a regular basis and has stayed on no issue although I am looking for an extra attachment just to be safe and have it on hand, I did a lot of research before purchasing a tracker and am happy to say I made the right choice, I am so Happy and impressed with this device for my beloved `` escape artist'' Meyer aka Mr. #Freethestuffing

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